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Window cleaning myrtle beach scWindow Cleaning Myrtle Beach SC

We offer a full window cleaning of your home leaving your view and entire window sparkling.

window cleaningWhen we clean your windows we usually like to start with the inside first, unless you prefer otherwise. The inside windows can usually be done quicker than the outside because they are not as dirty. While we are cleaning the inside we remove any and all screens from your windows, allowing us to clean the outside of your windows. Once we are done with the inside we move on to the outside. This is where the majority of time will be spent.


  • Detailed cleaning of all windows inside and out.
  • Deep cleaning of all frames and sills
  • We will work safely and efficiently
  • Screen cleaning
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed

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window cleaning

We like to start the outside windows with an initial scrubbing of the window, removing the worst part of dirt. If it is needed we then scrub the window down again and use a fresh razor blade to remove anything that was missed before.  However, if your windows are made from tempered glass a razor blade should be avoided because it can cause irreversible damage. If your windows are made with tempered glass we will right away spot it and use other cleaning methods that are more safe and effective.

Residential window cleaning is where we shine the most! Call today and get sparkling windows!     (843)855-6797

Window cleaning myrtle beachAfter we clean all of your windows inside and out we return all of your screens to their original position. We don’t like to leave your home until you are completely satisfied. So if you see anything you are unhappy with, don’t hesitate to let us know!  We value are customers and want to enhance your life!


window cleaning myrtle beachI was very pleased in the way you handled your window cleaning job.  Your courteousness and concern for a job most efficiently accomplished  with the homeowner in mind was appreciated greatly. Total cleaning time included approx. 30 windows and screens, eight skylights, and three octagonal windows was three hours. Time was also allotted for homeowner inspection for her satisfaction. Again, thank you for a job well done.” Customer in Pawleys Island, SC

Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Technology

 Take a look at this video,  from a recent job to see this window cleaning method in action! 

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