Window Cleaning Tips



Window Cleaning Tips

Window cleaning supplies & Window cleaning tools come in many different style of products.

The most popular product that works best when discussing window cleaning tips either has ammonia in the solution or vinegar.

If it is a traditional window which slides down from top to bottom, then clean the top front first and then the top back of the window since this would be the most logical. Then push the window back up in the right position to work on the bottom half of the window.

Begin with the bottom half of the window outside and then finish the bottom inside of the window. Remember that if these windows have screens, which many of them usually do, you must remove the screen first.

There are also vertical roll out windows. Once again remove the screen before beginning any window cleaning.

Using the handle, roll the window so it is open as much as possible. Another window cleaning tips is it is easier to do the outside first by sticking your hand through the opening between the window and wall. Then roll the window to the closed position and wash the inside of the glass.

For people who have the larger windows which do not open, it would be necessary to clean them from the outside. In this case, a cleaning solution can be sprayed on the glass and then use a squeegee to clean it off. A Major window cleaning tips to remember is the larger and higher windows, a ladder will be necessary when cleaning.

For anyone who lives in apartment or high rise community, especially older buildings, cleaning the outside glass may cause some difficulty. The best window cleaning tip is to hire a commercial window cleaning service.

Another window cleaning tips is to hire someone to do your window cleaning, find someone who is recommended. No one recommends anyone whose done a bad job for them.

 Window Cleaning Tips

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